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"The Jane of All Trades"

Originally from Greenville, South Carolina, J. Jamison exudes the definition of southern charm. The former debutante and southern belle has always had love for arts and serving others.


It was this passion that led to a life of service

J. Jamison joined the U. S. Air Force shortly after graduating high school. After serving 8 years as an Intelligence Operations Analyst, she hung up her combat boots for life in nonprofit. Community Development gave her the opportunity to grow as an artist while making an impact on local communities. 


Life is not without a sense of irony

A series of unfortunate events forever changed her life


In 2016, She made the decision to turn her passion into a business.  Melanic Opus Media aka M.O.M. is a Brand and Marketing Consultancy birth out of J. Jamison’s need to have creative freedom.  It has given her the opportunity to help others achieve their entrepreneurial dreams and cultivate relationships

with like-minded artists.

She’s Self-Published

    “Poems, Quotes, & Coffee” was the catalyst  for turning heartbreak into peace

She's an Activist & Advocate 

J. Jamison has continued to serve her community by advocating for Military Veterans and their families.  


She is the Co-Founder of Camp Shero,

an advocacy organization for

Women Veterans living with PTSD.


She is a member of Common Defense, NCAAP, FEW

and supports many other social justice causes in Georgia

J. Jamison is the 2019

Shero Armed Forces Award Winner

Be Still & Study Yourself

The 8 years I served on active duty taught me the importance of “Service Before Self.”


Veterans have the unique ability of serving a

cause bigger than their own.


We understand what it means to go above and

beyond to achieve the mission.


We live by the code of never leaving your battle buddy behind.


This honor code coupled with a high sense of integrity makes us

the greatest asset in the fight for social change. 

J. Jamison

Max Reinert
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